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Fridge Magnets

Nov 26, 2023

I recently bought some tiny tiny neodym magnets for my hand carved chess set, and after deciding I was not going to magnet the pieces, I wondered what I could do with them.

Well, "fridge magnets" was the most obvious answer. To quickly prototype and make, I made them with foam board and regular color markers.

magnets photo
My older daughter made the Cat Unicorn

wim, the game platform I'm working on with my pals at Embark, is a creative multiplayer environment where players -among many other things- can create new stuff by kitbashing. This is, combining separate and diverse pieces together to form a new thing. With this idea in mind, I designed these magnets to be separate and reusable parts of animals:

magnets photo

Kids had some laughts playing with them 🙂. If they keep playing for a couple days more I'll think of making more pieces.