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2 Dec, 2023

Trying to create a simple alternative to Obsidian for my own needs. Also an excuse to learn how to make a web server using Rust with Axum.

screenshot screenshot

For the client, I used:

A little "innovation" I tried with this app was to create the idea of different viewers of the same document. The only one I made is this, where you could see a calendar and all the lines with a date preceding would be detected and inserted in the calendar:

screenshot screenshot

..but the idea was to make more of them. You enter the data in a file and afterwards you can see that content through different "smart" viewers that can extract the relevant information for them. Another example could be a viewer that take a list of income vs expenses and draws a plot.

I have this project in the "Finished" category because I don't actually use it :P and don't plan to keep working on it, but it was usable with a decent amount of basic features. But I still think the idea of viewers is quite powerful and interesting.. maybe for a standalone desktop app? :/