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Pixel art editor(s)

Dec 4, 2023

I love pixel art editors. Deluxe Paint was the first program that hook me for hours and hours, drawing, experimenting, making animations... Autodesk Animator Pro was the next one, and finally GrafX2. I'm not sure if I would like to know the total amount number of hours I spent in these three programs... But I spent a frigging lot.

Just an example pixel art from 2002 that I still save, which took me weeks to complete, and was done in a 10'' display of my old Toshiba Portege 300ct: in blue pixel art (I still save a making of of this image)

..and probably the most recent and significant pixel art piece I made is this tileset test from 2014 (omg 10 years ago??): pirate island pixelart

Anyway. Editors. I not only used and tried tons of them, but also love making them. I probably have started (not finished ;) ) more than 10 pixel editors to date, and I think I'll be making prototypes for the rest of my life. They are fun to make, and although the Spanish Ase Sprite is probably a very mature and stablished program, I think there is still room for a lot of innovation.

My lastest attempt was in Rust, using the uber fantastic minifb crate by Daniel Collin

[screenshot missing]